Biz Strother is an artist based in Brooklyn, NY. A native Hoosier, she spent much of her time in Bloomington, IN attending Indiana University and collaborating with musicians, dancers, and videographers. Biz is inspired by the possibilities of audiovisual media. Her passion is to sing, write songs, and to write and produce music videos. 

Musically, Biz has performed independently and with a variety of groups including Daesy Chain, Aura WeaverDiane Coffee, Jefferson St. Parade Band, Birrrd, e.a. strother, Buffalojump, Floorboard, Dichroic Mass, and IU's African American Choral Ensemble

Biz leads a band called Daesy Chain, whose latest single "Say to Me" can be heard here. Biz wrote a music video for this single, which she co-directed and co-produced with Andy Beargie.