Produced and Directed by Biz Strother and Andy Beargie Cinematography : Robbie Gonyea and Andy Beargie Featuring: Biz Strother, Kenzie Main, Jen Simpson, Charles Roldan, Matt Romy, Michael Collins, Ned Joyner, Curtis Williams, and Caleb Ketcham

“WOMW (ft. Follies)” was written and performed by Biz Strother and produced by Follies. Eric Ayotte and Biz produced this video with the assistance of Charlie Jones and Chelsea Sherman. Biz choreographed the group dance piece for dancers: Kenzie Main, Steph Weatherall, Taylor True, Regina Sweet, Lilly Walker, Eileen Hogan, Jaime Carney, and Nettie Meadow.

“I Really Can’t Belive it” was produced by Paddlewheel. Biz Strother costumed, crafted, and produced this video that stars Paddlewheel himself.

Summer Verde features Nik Craft in the Indiana University greenhouse. Biz Strother created this song using samples of sounds and the melody from “Summertime.” that she recorded inside the greenhouse. This film was shot on 35mm and edited digitally.

Into the Void is a song and video, created by Biz Strother, that premiered in the Instant Gratification Film Series in Bloomington, IN.